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PATIENT REVIEWS for DUKE T. KHUU, MD, FAAD at Khuu Dermatology

The Overall Average Patient Rating of Dr. Duke T Khuu, MD, FAAD is Excellent. The rating is 4.0 out of 4 stars.

Wait Time
The average wait time to see Dr. Khuu according to patient reviews is 5 minutes. By comparison, patients wait a national average of 21 minutes before seeing a doctor. 

Patient Ratings
Dr. Khuu is rated "EXCELLENT" by patients in the following areas:
Ease of Appointment — 3.7
Promptness — 4.0
Courteous Staff — 4.0
Accurate Diagnosis — 4.0
Bedside Manner — 4.0
Spends Time with Me — 4.0
Follow Up — 4.0

I had sun and age spots on my face that were making me look tired and 10 years older. Makeup just made my face look dirty. I had tried over-the-counter remedies for years and nothing worked. I saved money to have a laser treatment done for my birthday ($5000) but when I went to see Dr. Khuu, he suggested a face care routine that did not include laser. I started to protest, stating that I had tried so many products and just wanted it taken care of once and for all. In his no-nonsense way, he convinced me. There was no, "try this and we'll see how it works or we can do this" He just knew what the right solution was for me and he was right. He told me it would take 8 weeks and wanted to see me 6 weeks into it. At one week I started to see the difference at two I was sold. By the time I saw him at 6 weeks I was singing his praises and I definitely looked much brighter, awake and younger. My before-and-after pictures should be in a success magazine somewhere. My teenage daughter now sees him and she has had the same experience. You're in, you're out with no wishy washy advice, and the plan he lays out for you really works. My husband is next. Will he be able to help someone who still has acne at 43? This will be a big test.  
- Maria, Sunnyvale, CA

My five year old daughter was seen here for an eczema spot she's had under her eye since she was two.  We've been to six other doctors over the last four years who were unable to fix or even improve the eczema at all.  Dr. Khuu got rid of it in 6 weeks!  I couldn't be happier with him!!! We were beginning to believe this was a problem that was incurable.  I felt like he really knew what he was talking about, he listened to me and let me explain everything we had already tried so we didn't waste any time retrying things I already knew didn't work, and he took pictures of her skin and tracked the progress so he knew exactly how things were going when we came in for follow up appointments.  We had 3 appointments with him and had the same experience every time-friendly staff, short wait times, quick appointment, and results.  Absolutely a five star experience.
- Aubrey C. Boston, MA

I have been seeing Dr. Khuu for nearly 2 years. He is a good dermatologist, with good experience.  I believe in being an active patient i.e. the patient should monitor your own progress, and always feedback to the doctor what has been done previously, what you have observed during treatment, what you think is troubling you this time. If you sit there like a starfish, don't expect miracles. You have to participate in your own health and well-being. In doing so, the doctor can then better assess the next course of action to resolve your issue based on his/her experience.  That being said, I have always had cystic acne issue, and I once had severe breakout of a weird kind of skin rash on the insides of my elbows. With patience, and a few sessions later, we were able to rule out different kind of infections, and narrowed down on the cause of my skin problems. Once the cause was nailed down, the rashes recovered very quickly. 
- Brandon E. Mountain View, CA

Dr. Khuu is hands down one of the best doctors that I have ever visited. After years of skin issues (mostly mild acne) and countless treatments; he was the only doctor to actually diagnose my condition (rosacea) and prescribe me the correct prescriptions. Within a matter of 3 months my face had entirely cleared up. I also had fillers and a few other treatments at the office. Dr. Khuu is very skilled in knowing exactly how much to treat you with, while make sure that you still look natural. Not easy to find!! He is a brilliant doctor who knows how to make you more beautiful and feel more confident in yourself. I read through some of the complaints and disagree with most. People can't expect a quick fix with one treatment from the doctor. It doesn't work that way! Everyone at his office is friendly and their customer service is top notch. I can’t say enough good things about this place!! 
- Rachel A. Mountain View, CA

I visited Dr. Khuu for hair loss and skin pigmentation treatment. He was very soft spoken and treated me well. He was patient enough and listened to what I had to say. Never interrupted me. After hearing my case and examining my hair and skin he asked me to get some blood tests done. I was happy with his ways as he did not rush through the treatment process. He did not recommend expensive shampoo or conditioners unnecessarily.   For my pigmentation he gave some creams to apply. Creams were a little on the expensive side. But I think all dermatological stuffs are pricey. It has been 5 weeks and I notice great change in my skin condition.  He always answers all of my questions even if it is relevant to my case or just general knowledge. I am very much satisfied with the treatment. Also office staff and nurse are very co-operative and friendly. Thank you Dr. Khuu. 
- Jennifer S. Sunnyvale, CA

I had a mole that had grown on the side of my cheek due to sun exposure. Over the course of a few months, it had increased in size. My HMO doctor had refused to refer me to a Specialist, and just told me, "If I were you, I wouldn't do anything to it." Receiving care from them was hopeless. Due to having a hectic work schedule, I was not getting a chance to get it checked out with an outside Dermatologist. I visited a free Stanford Skin Cancer screening, and they verified that it was non-cancerous. They directed me to visit the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology), where I located Dr. Khuu's profile. I called on a Saturday, and they had an opening the same day! I went in and was able to have it removed, as well as another raised sunspot that I had. I paid out of pocket, but it was worth it. Dr. Khuu was attentive, he was detail-oriented, and he even recommended a scar cream to reduce uneven skin tone from forming. I could not believe that my mole was gone in a matter of minutes! l went well. Didn't have any bruising or any discomfort after the procedure. 
- Becky L. San Jose, CA

From walking into the office, friendly treatment from Front Desk staff, pleasant and very clean facility with most Professional and friendly care. I also love that I can book appointments online and get text reminders. Dr Khuu's business is modern and up to date in every way.
- Silke M. - Los Altos Hills, CA

My appointment was early in the afternoon and since this is my first time seeing Dr. Khuu, the office location was easy to find. Parking: got lucky as I was able to park on the side of the building no problem. Front desk: I arrived about 15min early of my appointment since I'm a new patient and since I already filled out my new patient ppwk, the front desk associate had my paperwork ready for me to sign. Her name is Lindy. Friendly and courteous. I got seen right away by the Physician's assistant who was very attentive, polite and listened to my skin issues. Thereafter, Dr. Khuu examined me and determined my needs, prescribed an ointment (immediately called in the prescription to my pharmacy) and scheduled me to have light therapy. He was very professional, honest and sincere about helping me understand my skin issues. I did not feel rushed nor was it a quick fix appointment. Dr. Khuu was very thorough with his assessment. I would definitely recommend Dr. Khuu to my family and friends. 
- Gael H. - Mountain View, CA