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Our Reviews from 2018-2019


-Bill B.
Los Altos, CA

I can't speak for the other treatments but for teen acne, Dr Khuu is the only local doctor that has worked for us.  We have 3 teen boys with explosive acne.  You have to hustle with acne like this because it will scar, and Khuu hustles. Top doctors at clinics like Menlo Medical do not hustle - it is hard to get follow-up appointments sometimes for months and treatments that don't work are not updated while side effects mount. With Khuu we have stopped acne spread, reduced acne recurrence, diminished existing acne, have helped our boys develop better hygiene habits, and have undergone treatments to reduce scarring that have worked and learned how to navigate the large selection of treatments available over the counter and elsewhere.  2 of the 3 boys are basically out of the woods now, the 3rd is close behind but that is due to his lack of effort. Dr Khuu also recognized that a cleaning technique suggested by another doctor was actually causing the spread of bacteria. We have found the right combination of treatments for each of our boys.  

For those that complain about Khuu I would advise, in general, being a strong advocate for yourself, and think for yourself, when visiting any doctor.  We don't do everything Khuu says.  It's expensive, both dollars and time, so we use our head and try to follow his protocol outside the office and see him when needed. We ask a lot of questions and Dr Khuu has always had time; even on days when we're not scheduled to meet with him specifically he has consulted with the assistant or visited to confirm treatment plans.  The staff has made mistakes but the office has gotten better over time and I'm happy he's giving employees a chance to develop.  Bottom line, think of visiting a doctor as a partnership and make sure your questions get answered.  I do agree the costs add up and that the staff can continue to improve, so dropping one star, but all in all we've had good luck with Dr. Khuu and I would recommend working with him on teen acne.Very useful and professional.

- Dai Le

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I've seen Dr. Khuu on several appointments over the years.   I have always been very happy with my outcome per his recommendations.  He is extremely knowledgeable and his work on me has been exceptional.  He has always been attentive and openminded.  The results speaks for themselves and I will always recommend Dr. Khuu to my friends and family.

- Anna Nguyen from Garden Grove, CA
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Great and very knowledgeable in his area of expertise. I highly recommend Dr. Khuu.

- Verified Patient

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

Dr Khuu is great. Very professional and knowledgable. I feel very comfortable with Dr Khuu as my Dermatologist.

- Bobby W.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


I have received treatment from Dr. Khuu since March 2018. He is very good at what he does. He analyzed my skin and gave bunches of recommendations for treatments. It was overwhelming at the beginning. But he was pretty understanding about my reservations for all of the treatments at once and only did selective procedures that I was comfortable with. Eventually, I received more and more treatments as originally recommended. The result is wonderful. Everyone complimented on how much my skin has improved since. He just shaved off a few years off my appearance. And this is only the beginning. If you have any doubt about Dr. Khuu's work, just look at how young he looks.

I am also using Dr. Khuu's Santorini face wash per his recommendation (I have oily skin). I am on the second bottle; and I really like this product. The foam feels very luxurious; it leaves my skin really soft after each use. For me, this is right on par (if not better) than the more expensive products like Cle de Peau Beaute and Eve Lom.

He is a very pleasant person and well travelled and educated.

- Hunter P. from San Francisco, CA
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Dr. Khuu is very gentle, and is very knowledgeable. He treated a number of actinic keratosis with very patient treatment. I will return for the second application in another 6 weeks, and looking forward to discussing other treatments with him, as his practice has several dermatologists.

- Rudy D. from San Jose, CA
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Doctor Khuu is very friendly, kind, and very patient to me when I ask him too many questions. Dr. Khuu and his staff are very good at what they do and I highly recommend them for their services.

- Ann Hue L.

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Loved how knowledgeable Dr. Duke is very friendly and polite. I’m definitely gonna keep coming here for my treatments.

- Eliseo S.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

Dr Khuu is excellent. I suspect some of the negative reviews may be related to price. He is indeed expensive but in my research, very much in line with Silicon Valley prices. I've gotten great results and find him to have great diagnostic acumen.

- Omar J. from Palo Alto, CA
  5/5 stars on Yelp


Confused by some of the reviews here. I have had excellent customer service there. I have seen Dr. Khuu multiple times. He is scary smart with a Medical degree from Stanford. He is a very accomplished guy--ask him about the Olympics. The doctor has only been professional with both his time and knowledge towards me. Great medical assistants both P. and D. The reception has always been polite. They actually are pretty funny and upbeat. Of course there are posters around for cosmetic procedures but they give you the prices upfront on paper. In no instance did I see their prices being out of line for Silicon Valley. I never had the belief that he was overcharging for his services or string out visits. I have no relationship with anyone there at the practice but just wanted to post my experience with him. Some of these negative comments look like sock puppets as there accounts are new and have few other reviews. Feel free to PM me if you have questions.

- M.B.H. from Santa Clara, CA
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He was very nice and professional. I was also seen in a timely matter.

- Robert P.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

Great dermatologists, I highly recommend him! Great flexible with times, you can book on the weekend and he is always willing to help.  You can book online with ZocDoc also!  (They should try DrChrono when they have time!)

- Daniel K. from Mountain View, CA
  5/5 stars on Yelp


Everything is so perfect. I had crashed skin problems and it was gone after doing the treatment. Now I was given an acne treatment, and will see how it is next 6 weeks.

- Dai L.

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Let start by saying I do not understand these low reviews at all.  I find Dr. Khuu extremely, knowledgeable, caring and yes he's attractive and fashionable.  If anything I am high strung and hard to deal with and his staff had been very patient and understanding with me.  I personally don't want to go to a dermatologist that does only the minimum to not incur additional charges beyond what my insurance will cover.  If anything they have been beyond clear on what I may have to pay for out of pocket and actually has worked with my insurance to have most suggested services covered so far.  It is not the doctor's fault if you carry sub-par insurance.  Coming from LA I completely appreciate Dr. Khuu's style of medicine and I really want a doctor that can help me have the best exterior possible.  I actually asked the Dr. Khuu to move forward with tests that he wasn't sure whether I would need to pay for or not at that moment.  I have struggled my teen and adult life with extremely oily skin and breakouts on my body (all-over).  So many past dermatologists have just put me through the standard textbook treatments and left it at that.  Dr. Khuu was the first to recommend hair removal on my back to minimize the breakouts and found out my insurance will cover 90% of the treatment.  This is the kind of thinking I appreciate very much!!!  In short, don't let the negative reviews scare you off.. I think many people in the Bay Area have less appreciation for outer beauty and the work (and money) it takes.  In my opinion, so far he is a 5-star doctor.  If you would like to discuss my experience with me directly please do reach out.  I am recommending my partner, my friend and possibly my-ex (still friends) to go see him as well.

- James S. from San Francisco, CA
  5/5 stars on Yelp


I've seen Dr. Khuu over a 15-month period and couldn't be more pleased. His office staff are all polite and attentive and there is never a wait. When it comes to Dr. Khuu he really seems to care about my concerns, talks through various options, and never makes me feel rushed. When I first saw him it was due to a skin condition and Dr. Khuu has helped restore my confidence. I would highly recommend Dr. Khuu to anyone looking for a caring and attentive doctor who personally cares about fixing your concerns.

- Sarah M. from San Jose, CA
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