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Santorini Peel

Our very own Santorini Peel will leave you feeling rejuvenated after revealing a fresh, young layer of skin. Chemical peels confer numerous benefits; the most common treatments are for wrinkles and acne. Because this peel does not damage the underlying layers of skin, the recovery time is very quick and there is reduced redness compared to other chemical peels.

What makes our Santorini Peel unique?

We use glycolic acid as the main component in our peels. Glycolic acid is naturally derived from sugarcane and alpha-hydroxy acids.

How does the peel work?

When the peel solution is applied to the skin, the glycolic acid helps to break down the rough, dry superficial layer of skin. Subsequently, this leaves behind the fresh layer of skin underneath, helping to remove wrinkles and excess oils that contribute to acne.