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These guys are really good - right from the staff to Dr. Khuu!  I have some skin issues and after seeing at least 3 other dermatologists, I decided to give Khuu Dermatology a shot. Most dermatologists I've been to have just handed me prescriptions and said things that I already know!  Dr. Khuu really took the time to explain to me what the issues were and how he was going to treat them and what his plan was. Apart from that, he answered all my questions and concerns. I had some issues with my insurance (generic vs. branded meds) and I must've gotten in touch with them at least 8 to 9 times while I was trying to get alternate prescriptions. I was in touch with Kimberly and she was extremely patient and super helpful! Dr. Khuu and Kimberly finally worked around my insurance issues and were able to prescribe alternate medications. It has been a week or so and my skin is looking much better! Thank you Khuu Dermatology. 
- Niyati K. - Millbrae, CA  

Dr. Khuu is amazing. My daughter lost ALL the hair on her body in less than a month. Devastating..... We were sure it would not grow back. Dr. Khuu told us she had a chance with treatment. After 12 weeks of treatment fuzz began to show on top of her head. Dr. Khuu is a kind gentleman who is dedicated to his patients. Due to a family issue, we were 45 mins late for an appointment. Instead of rescheduling the appointment Dr. Khuu gave up his lunch hour to see my daughter. I cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr. Khuu. His office is beautiful and the staff is friendly and helpful. As an added bonus Dr. Khuu has a great sense of humor. 
- Dianna B. - Fremont, CA

WOW. In my endless quest for a reasonably priced, EFFECTIVE and pleasant facial, I happened to finally score at Dr. Khuu's dermatology office in Mountain View. My savior? Ashley. I have been twice so far for two different treatments with Ashley and both have delivered and exceeded what was promised. Ashley performed a light chem. peel and took the time to assess my skin and THEN recommended products. Usually, it's reverse...product pushing rather than real, medical advice and treatment. I was so thrilled with the results of both the peel and accompanying results of the at home treatment, I booked a clarifying facial for the next week- Ashley is no joke...she performed extractions, zapped zits, exfoliated and soothed! I've struggled with acne for over ten years and had resigned myself to just dealing with it. Being the broke student I am, clicked up a deal on Groupon for Dr. Khuu and met my skin savior! Check this lady out but book ahead, she only saves skin on Tuesday.
- Erah J. - San Jose, CA

As always, Dr. Khuu delivers top notch care for his patients. I cannot imagine going anywhere else for my skin care! 
- John M. - San Jose, CA

Excellent and Caring Dermatologist I was referred to Dr. Duke Khuu by a friend. I was very pleased with his office, staff and the treatment I received from Dr. Khuu. He answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns during my visit. I felt that he really took time to listen to me and understand me. I think he is the best dermatologist in Mountain View, CA. I recommend him to anyone looking for a local dermatologist who cares. 
- Christina - Mountain View, CA

Dr. Khuu was so knowledgeable - technical without being incomprehensible to the average person. I really appreciated his advice, after receiving two different treatments from other dermatologists. I like his professionalism, his office is the most stylish medical office I've seen, and his staff are friendly. Great experience. I'll be back! 
- Lotus C.   Cupertino, CA  

THE BEST!  The first time I met Dr. Khuu was for a cancer screening. After that visit, I have come for skin care and anti-aging remedies. He was so pleasant and easy to talk to about my needs and wants. People say I don't look my 62 years and I thank Dr. Khuu for that. Best of all without surgery. 
- Bonnie - Pleasanton, CA

I have been Dr Khuu's patient since he was in Pleasanton, Ca and followed him to his great location in Mountain View. He is amazing, very caring and has done an amazing job in every one of my visits. I have never experienced high costs, just great experience. 
- Maria M.  Pleasanton, CA

Booked a same day appointment on a SATURDAY for a terrible rash. Great customer service the entire way through and very thorough and knowledgeable.
- Ki W. - Oakland, CA

Dr Khuu is an incredible person and physician. He's extremely personable and professional. As a younger more progressive physician, he is always on top of the latest technology which is important to me as I am a medical professional and see many physicians stuck in their ways. Dr Khuu researchers, invests in, and stays on the front edge of his area of expertise and I recommend all of my friends, family, and colleagues. A+ after a long history with his care.
- Jacob T.

Loved everyone I met, from doctor level to check in assistant. I am looking forward to having Dr Khuu as my doctor going forward.
- Margaret G.

 Really good, I had this issue for several weeks that I thought was muscular but it was related to the skin, and right away he diagnosed me and sent me the proper medication!
- Verified Patient

Like others have said, Dr. Khuu is very quick, which in my personal taste was a good thing. He's efficient and thorough, and the office was professional and my appointment was on time.
- Kevin V.

Dr. Khuu was very professional and knowledgeable. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He is an excellent doctor.
- Gwen L.

Dr. Duke Khuu was extremely friendly and also very thorough with my skin exam. He immediately recognized the problem and explained it to me in simple terms. He suggested a couple of different options for treatment and did not force me into any of them. The rest of the staff in the office was also very friendly and helpful.
- Nivedita A.

I have seen many reviews on ZocDoc and also yelp which are very different in experience. My experience is the same as most on this site, very good. No wait time, friendly front desk, kind nurse and the doctor himself who was very friendly and caring. I felt comfortable with his advice and confident it would help me.
-  Farouk K.

The office is very nice and modern looking. The staff in the front office was extremely helpful in trying to get me the best appointment time. Even called me back to try and accommodate the best time for me since I had to get a babysitter for my appointment time. The doctor visit was very nice and straight to the point which I appreciated. I highly recommend.
- Veronica R.

Dr Khuu listens to my questions and offers advice for any procedure I may be thinking about. I know before the procedure what the down time will be and most importantly, I know the price.
- Crystal S. - Mountain View, CA

I went for laser on my underarms, and the lady who did them was really good about giving the best results.  She would crank it up and although it hurt like a mofo, I have no hair and it's awesome.  I've tried about 4 other laser places, and I haven't had the same results as the one from here.
- Pomegranate T.   Mountain View, CA 

I really like Dr. Khuu and I love the fact that I can get my teeth cleaned by his brother and then see him about my skin in the same office. Dr. Khuu has really improved the clarity of my skin.  It looks better than ever!
- Jessica H. - Hoboken, NJ

I went in for a skin infection and sebaceous cyst located on my left cheek. I was able to schedule online (love that) for the next day. I was instructed to complete a patient intake form, which is normal, but I don't have a printer, so I completed the Word doc and brought it in on a thumb drive. Apparently that was no good (despite the fact that I could see their printer) and had to fill out the form again. Meh, whatever. Doctors and forms go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Initial exam was fine, and I was able to get an appointment to remove the cyst very quickly. Doctor also put in a script for shampoo and lotion for my skin infection. This all went very smoothly and cheaply (due to insurance) and I was pretty excited. I'd had the cyst for almost 6 years and it was rather large and it bothered me a bit. Went back in two weeks to get the cyst removed and was pretty happy with the procedure, it was painless after the anesthetic was applied and the removal. 
- Evan O. - Mountain View, CA

I love Dr. Khuu! Very professional, caring and a talented cosmetic derm. He has a keen aesthetic eye, which makes him an excellent injector. You may pay a little more for Botox than at your local spa. It is worth the extra money to have a skilled injector. It is all about the skill of the injector - not the price!! Dr. Khuu knows just how much Botox and filler to use to achieve the best effect for his patients. He approach is conservative. His philosophy is less is more. You can always tweak the area, should you need a little more. He also has Xeomin the newest in the Botox family.  Dr. Khuu has a lovely contemporary office which he shares with his brother who is a Dentist. Fillers and teeth cleaning all in the same location!! Dr. Khuu also has an excellent line of clinical skincare for your skincare needs.      
- Michele G. - Oakland, CA  

I live in Mountain View and I've been going to this clinic a year now. I am very happy the way I am treated in here. I love my skin to before. Doctor is kind, friendly very IMPRESSIVE :) I would recommend this clinic to all who are willing to improve their skin......I made the best choice. 
- Pluto B. - Mountain View, CA   

I love to read Yelp reviews and I've actually never written one, but after reading Nguyen T. comments, I had to respond.  I started going to Khuu Dermatology after I purchased a hair laser Groupon coupon in December. I have olive skin (I'm Indian) which is very sensitive and can easily get irritated and burned (which has happened to me with hair laser treatments at other establishments). I am VERY pleased with the results that I have received so far. If I can give this place 6 stars, I would! I have been to many 'med spas' for hair laser over the years and I can't be more excited about the machine they use here, it's so different from the other places. I have received two treatments on my face and underarms so far and I have seen 80% reduction in hair growth already. To top it off, it's numbing required at all which is amazing. You just go in, get your treatment, and walk out without any skin irritation. I've had a fantastic experience with Quyen, the hair laser nurse; she is so kind, very knowledgeable, and has great bed side manners. I've had great conversation with her and I have recommended many people to Khuu Dermatology because of her. I've never had an appointment with Dr. Khuu nor have I had to use my insurance for procedures/services. However, I was introduced to Dr. Khuu while walking out of the treatment room and he is very nice. I was surprised that he was willing to discuss my acne issues without having an appointment with him. I have been dealing with cystic acne for this past year and I decided to give Ashley a try for a facial. I am so glad I make an appointment with her; she did an awesome job and went above and beyond. I have been using the products that she recommended for about 4 weeks now and I am so excited with the results that I am getting. My skin has cleared up 100%, my skin is healthy and glowing and I don't even have to put on makeup anymore to cover up my blemishes.  Overall, I have had a great experience. There are times when it's been busy or they have been overbooked, but the longest I have had to wait is 15mins. 
- Ms. K - San Jose, CA   

Very professional and friendly staff and doctor. I went in for laser hair removal and the doctor was able to see me for another dermatology issue at the same time. He had a cost effective and quick solution and was able to treat me immediately. Great Service. 
- Susan M. - Redwood City, CA  

I had Jeuvaderm and Botox performed on my face.  He is excellent. He had indicated to me that when he was learning the procedure at Harvard that he was fascinated by the procedure and how the results turned out. His attitude was that he could do this all day long and never get tired. He really enjoys what he does and is good at it. His pricing is very competitive and if there is a special he always passes that along. He’s very concerned about how the results will look aesthetically. His offices in Mountain View are brand new and he is accepting new patients. He does have Saturday hours, 9 - 5. 
- Verified User 

Lovely practice - nice ambiance, helpful & knowledgeable staff and quality of care was very professional. Looking forward to meeting Dr. K's brother as my new dentist!
- Matthew M

He is awesome! Very knowledgeable
- Verified patient

Excellent and very competent physician
- Luan L. 

Very friendly and very professional. I think it's going to end up costing a bit more than I expected, but I don't understand the medical billing world.
- Verified Patient

He is awesome, and really knows his stuff! Highly recommend him for any dermatological procedure or cosmetic procedure.
- Verified Patient

Took time to investigate the problem I had.
- Verified Patient

Clean, efficient, and easy to book an appointment
- Verified Patient

I was very impressed with the office, the staff and Dr. Khuu.  This was my first visit and I plan on continuing with Dr. Khuu as my dermatologist.  He was very thorough and clear in his explanations and I never felt rushed.  The office was clean and neat and the staff were very friendly and helpful.  I highly recommend Dr. Khuu.
- James G. 

Dr. Khuu knows what he's prescribing, so never question his methods. He is strict because he wants you to follow his instructions. After being with him for a year, my skin has gotten dramatically better.
- Verified Patient

Dr. Khuu, I want you to know I think you're amazing! I wish you all the success and happiness anyone could ever wish for. 
You're an artist, you're a creator and so much more, Cheers!
- Maria S

Very nice man. Answered my all my questions. Plan to go back again. 
- Doreen U. 

I've used him for several things and he always takes time to answer all my questions and let me know what procedures are available to me. I have also sent my two sons to him for various skin ailments and he knows exactly how to treat them. 
- Arlene I. 

Without a doubt, one of the nicest doctors I've been treated by. His office was very nice, parking was easy and his staff was very pleasant. I'm glad I found Dr. Khuu.
 - Angela D.

Very happy with Dr Khuu's knowledge of my conditions and his bedside manners. Of all dermatologists I've seen, he has the most experience in treating my condition. Was realistic about success of treatment options but compassionate.        
- Verified Patient

It was a great experience. He goes right away to the solution for my problem and it was effective.
- Evelyn A. 

Dr. Khuu is very nice and personable. He answered all of my questions and concerns. His office is very nice and easy to find and all of his staff were very nice and courteous. I will definitely recommend him to other friends and family and I already made an appointment to see him for a follow-up!
- Verified Patient

Checked them out online and It just felt right so I proceeded to with the visit and Dr. Khuu is great.
- Verified Patient

Dr. Khuu is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and does excellent work. I would highly recommend him to everyone. He can just look at you and tell you right away a plan of action. I feel he is honest and doesn't just try and sell you services you don't need. He is my Dr. of choice from now on.
- Kim H.

My experience with Dr. Khuu was more than positive. His diagnosis was quick and his manner left me feeling like everything was going to be A-ok. The prescription process was also quick and I had some healing ointnments in my hand in less than an hour of stepping in his office. 
- Verified Patient 

Dr Khuu was great. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and didn't balk or bristle when I asked questions, which previous doctors have done.
- Verified Patient 

I was treated right away. Highly recommended. Very nice clinic and staff.
- Henry L.  

Very good experience. Best interaction from a doctor I've had in a long time.
- Verified Patient

Very professional and competent as well as friendly. Although mine was a routine procedure for him, it wasn't for me. He made me feel comfortable, physically and mentally, told me what he was going to do, then did it with efficiency and dispatch. Kudos.
- Verified Patient

Good service and prices. I was very surprised that he did most of the things I wanted done all in the first appointment.
- Verified Patient

I arrived 45 minutes before my scheduled appointment due to lack of traffic and they fit me in 25 minutes early. Many thanks to Dr. Khuu and his staff. 
- Kent S. 

The staff was very friendly, I did not have to wait long at all. Dr Khuu was very friendly, and was able to help me with my issue. I would highly recommend this office.  
- Oanh T. 

Seemed to be in a hurry but was very good natured and took time to hear my problems and promised me a solution. 
- Vipin P.

Very productive. Also very much appreciate being able to directly contact Doctor Khuu via email - for follow-up questions and clarifications.
- Peter H.  

Great doctor!
- Seth G.

Dr. Khuu and his staff were professional and courteous. The office is very modern and tastefully decorated. Most importantly, the treatment I received works.
- Arthur W.  

I was very pleased. Both he and his staff are friendly yet very professional. Nobody was rushed and he took the time to explain everything that he was doing. His rates are quite reasonable.
- Christine D.  

He was knowledgeable, professional and took the time to know the patient. Great patient time...
- Verified User   

Great customer service! Respectful and easy to talk to.
- Verified User  

Dr. Khuu was very upfront and clear. I would go back for his opinion.
- Vikas M.  

It was excellent. Dr. Khuu and his staff are always professional and he doesn't keep you waiting at all--which is very rare for many specialists.
- John M 

I had a very good first experience w DR Khuu. He is thorough, explains the procedure, recommends different options, etc. Also, he is a very nice person!
- Timea B.  

Good experience. Went here for laser hair removal for Groupon. Gave me great deal for first purchase and purchased additional treatments for a discount while there. Scheduling appointments was always easy and flexible. The person who performs the laser hair removal is very pleasant, friendly, and makes you feel comfortable. Would definitely go again. 
- Sarah L. - San Jose, CA

Incredibly accommodating to my crazy schedule, kind, informative, efficient. Wonderful experience and will be back. 1 hour from my home and I will gladly make the trip!
- Ashley H.

Great ,nice, friendly  Dr. Khuu is an excellent dermatologist. Highly professional and understanding for the patient's needs & condition. 
- Dapinder T.

Visit was very fast, waited for only a few minutes and the doctor was prompt and concise. 
- Robert N.

Very good. He was very professional. He knew what to do. He shows me he has experience in what had to be done.
- Jason A.

He was professional, had the consideration to explain the procedures he recommended, was easy to schedule follow-up appointment with, and performed an excellent skin surgery. Precise, yet efficient. Dr. Khuu knows his biz. 
- Lori M.

Great doctor with great bedside manner. I had to wait a little at first; seemed a little disorganized, but was great after. He seemed to really care about my acne and wanted to clear it up right away. He recommended many things to accomplish this, including prescribing some medications. Dr. Khuu knows what he is doing!
- Verified Patient

As always, Dr. Khuu and his staff provide top notch care. I never worry about visiting his office whether its for cosmetic or medical treatments since I know I will get great care! Less than a year ago by a Verified Patient I enjoyed my visit with Dr. Khuu! Once I arrived at the office, the receptionist was very friendly and professional and took care of my paperwork (I'm a new patient). I waited for about 5-10 minutes until I was called in, and the assistant was very quick at getting to business. Waiting for Dr. Khuu took a while on the other hand. Once I saw Dr. Khuu, I thought his bedside manner was very professional and friendly. I didn't feel rushed in the slightest, and I was very comfortable explaining my problem to him. All in all, I would recommend Dr. Khuu. 
- Verified Patient 

Dr. Khuu is a sweet and gentle young man. I just moved here from New York( now almost a year ago) and it was hard finding a specialist that didn't require a 6 month+ wait to be seen. He has two offices one in Mountain View and one in San Jose which made making an appointment easier and faster. I have never been to the Mountain View office, but if it's anything like the office in San Jose that is sleek and modern. My first visit was the first week of their San Jose office being open. As the months have gone by I've noticed the waiting room filling up and I'm not seen the second I walk in the door, but I'm glad he's finally established himself in San Jose. Side Note: I have alopecia areata and get injection every 6 weeks and he is the most gentle I've ever had, plus with my move across country my condition has been improving, which was a shocker because it is triggered by stress. My only con is when I first started they told me they accepted my insurance, but did not. Later on I got billing statements saying I owed them thousands. I ended up paying a lot out of pocket and talking with my insurance that paid part of it. They never offered to cover any of it even though it was a mistake on their end and I most likely would of not gone to Dr. Khuu if I knew my insurance was not accepted. 
- Jessica H.

I find the number of 5-star ratings and 1-star ratings to be very good information for consumers.  Not everyone is looking for the same thing in a physician. I decided on my first visit with Dr. Khuu over 5 years ago - long before he moved into the lovely office he has now - that he is the guy for me. He hasn't changed at all.  He has always been incredibly decisive and confident about the way he applies the art of medicine.  He examines, assesses, and then recommends a course of treatment in short order.  I like this.  He just knows what he is doing.  But he is not opposed to a bit of friendly chatter and spends as much time with you as you need if you ask him for it.   I think the 1-star people may be looking for something else.  For me, I want competence. I don't want to dilly-dally around too much, either.  I am too busy to rate a receptionist, frankly. Who cares?  Just get me in to see the guy I came for and process my payment properly and I'm happy. And Dr. Khuu has never been rude to me in the least. He is a personable, interesting guy and has accomplished more in his short life than you can imagine (they guy's a competitive skater, for God's sake, a world traveler, and has more credentials and publications than you can count). If you are interest in competence, see Dr. Khuu.  If you want to get your nails done or a massage or a cut'n'style, go somewhere else. 
- Anne H. - San Jose, CA

This place is truly amazing. I went here for laser hair removal and was taken care of by Jennifer. She was so polite and attentive as she assisted me through all six of my appointments. She clearly cared about the effectiveness of the laser. She would adjust the intensity according to my progress and my skins reaction each time. Oh, did I also mention their laser is virtually PAIN-FREE? She did an amazing job on my legs! I am now thinking of going back for other areas. 
- Sonia K. - San Jose, CA

I had a groupon for laser hair removal with this office, they are professional and friendly, the laser was kind of painful. I'm happy with the result though 3 sessions that I bought from groupon was not enough for me, there are other groupons that offers 6 sessions that I believe it will be more helpful than 3 session, overall it's a nice and clean place and the staff are friendly! 
- Gia R. - Palo Alto, CA

I have been going to Dr. Khuu's office and he is always very attentive. I don't understand how people say he is rude? He is honest and tells you what he believes is the best treatment, but with confidence, not rudeness. He wanted to prescribe me antibiotics to get rid of the inflammation but since I am sensitive to them, I asked him if I could not take it. He completely understood and started making other plans for the treatment, personalizing it for my needs and worries. It’s been 3 weeks and my acne has improved by a rate of 30% already. He is very professional and looks at your skin at all times.  I came here for a Groupon for a laser acne treatment and her assistant said he accepted my insurance and asked if I was looking for treating my acne problem with a dermatologist because I was telling her how much I have been through with this problem in my life. It was a suggestion that I could take it or leave it. I am glad I took it. I believe in him and believe that my skin will get to 100% in no time :) Give him a shot and you won't regret. 
- Regina M. - Palo Alto, CA

I've had only positive experiences with Dr. Khuu and his office so far.  He is especially good with injectables, taking his time and trying to achieve a natural effect without overdoing it.  He has not tried to upsell me with products, but the one that I am using regularly has made a visible difference in the bags under my eyes.  I didn't feel pressured at all and have recommended two friends. 
- Jackson P. - San Carlos, CA

I was diagnosed with MS recently.  Once I got over the shock, I started to make some plans.  I had always wanted to try laser hair removal, now I was motivated. With my deteriorating balance, standing on one foot in a wet shower stall to shave my legs wasn't going to be in my future for long... but my vanity will. The nurse who does the treatments is a true professional.  She knows how to help me up safely at each appointment.  She doesn't waste my time (or money) by starting out at a low setting, but it has never been painful.  The treatments have been so effective, I know everyone is different.  I'd consider myself done after 3 treatments, but will keep going until 6 since it's a good experience overall. I am so glad to have found this office, it's full of good people. 
- J.M. - San Mateo, CA

I read yelp reviews and was little skeptical about the negative comments. However, I took a chance and I bought the laser treatments for full face and under arms. I really liked it. I never had to wait for more than five minutes and I did not have any issues with receptionist or staff. Of course, with laser treatments, you do not see the instantaneous results. After 3 treatments, my growth has been reduced significantly and I understand that in order for 80% growth reduction, it requires 6 treatments so now I am waiting to buy the next three treatments. Also, they offered me 50% off for the next treatments. 
- R.D. - Sunnyvale, CA

Five stars for this place! I have had 2 sessions so far with the RN Quyen at Khuu Dermatology, and have been impressed by her professionalism and skill. Already seeing great results! I am in the health profession myself, and know a good professional when I see one! 
- Jyoti S. - Los Gatos, CA

Dear Dr. Khuu: Thank you for your services.  I appreciate Dr. Yaskin referring me to you.  And I want to share, Leena is a wonderful asset to your practice, demonstrating a dedicated love of her work, she is professional, friendly, Bright!  You definitely "scored" hiring her!  Thank you and my best to you. 
- JS Carol H. - Mountain View, CA

Made an appointment at 1 pm and was seen at 3 pm the SAME day.  Dr. Khuu took the  time to talk with me (his face was NOT in a file or in front of a computer screen), assess my skin (ONE out of control pimple), gave me an injection (not super fab but not horrible), prescribed a topical and scheduled a follow up in two weeks. He did this all in a pleasant, friendly fashion.  His assistants were very nice and helpful.  From beginning to end, my experience was great.  I won't mind the drive from South San Francisco to Mountain View to see him.  
- Ang F. - South San Francisco, CA

I've been going here for two years already for acne and my skin is looking as good as ever now!  Everyone is nice and friendly.  Dr Khuu works on a personal level with his patients in order to give them the best treatment possible.  If you're looking for a new dermatologist, I'd suggest you give him a try!
- Brandon H. - Fremont, CA

I hope this review is helpful for those with sun damage in their face. Even though I have been careful and consistent user of sun block, i had brown marks in my face. Last week Dr Khuu and his beautiful assistant, did laser in my entire face (the "Alex) and i am shocked with the results. My skin is even, only 4 days of mild darker spots before they fell off my face. The procedure requires expertise as too much laser can result in scars (white or red is my understanding) and too little might not be enough to eliminate the marks. Im thrilled with Dr Khuu's results, my skin is perfect. I have used Obagi before, gone through months of red, peel, etc and now I'm ecstatic for this alternative. I hope many others give it a shot and enjoy :) 
- Maria M. - Pleasanton, CA 

I had scheduled a visit to have Dr. Khuu examine a mass on my wrist, and he spotted basal cell carcinoma on my nose. Because he detected it early, I didn't have to have too much of my nose removed. I now go to Dr. Khuu for regular screenings, and he proposes strategies for various issues--face, back, feet.  When I lived in San Francisco, it would take months to get an appointment with a dermatologist. You can use the telephone or Zocdoc to schedule an appointment with Dr. Khuu today. I recommend him even to those who live in The City. 
- Daniel H. - San Francisco, CA

I've been a patient of Dr. Khuu for nearly 4 years. He has been the only dermatologist to get my acne problems under control. Last year I moved to LA and was unable to find anyone in comparison. Anytime I'm visiting the Bay area I am sure to schedule an appointment with him. Highly recommended. 
- Kenneth Q. - Los Angeles, CA

He is amazing. His work was amazing. He goes less rather than more. You look more natural so you can't even tell. People said I looked like I was on vacation or getting extra rest. I would highly recommend him. His work is really good. I also had a small billing problem with their office, they fixed the issue within 24 hours and I was notified by him personally.
- Verified User