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-Phillip Ambrocio

I am going to medical school and wanted to do something about my eczema. Last thing I want is for the patient to focus on my skin. I keep to my self and I am very self conscious. I started doing my own research on youtube and found there was this treatment called "light/photo therapy". I went to my Dr. and wanted to a reccomendation to a dermatologist that had that treatment available. I was referred to Dr. Khuu. I was always trying to fix this by myself by doing my own research or trying new lotions. My skin got better but no where near how I would like. I had this patch of irritated skin around my belly. Dr Khuu said it was caused by the belt and get a non metallic belt. I didn't want to believe him. A month later the rash was gone. I don't really trust doctors but after that rash went away I gave Dr Khuu my full trust. I may not keep up with what he tells me but I try, Life happens!!. His facility has light therapy, they do patch testing, and they also test your blood for allergens(out center). The people there are really nice. They did have someone rude up front a long time ago but she's gone. Dr Khuu is helping build me back to where I have a higher self confidence and I don't have to worry about my skin. It does get busy there but this stuff takes time and the wait isn't bad. Everyone has cell phones nowadays. I am not a fan of using steroidal creams on my face and he does look out for your well being.

-Sheena Chand

I've only had positive experiences with Dr. Khuu. He was very professional and mindful of my needs and issues. I don't have terrible skin and go in (on occasion) for facial cortisone injections. He doesn't skate around the issues but is straightforward and plain with his diagnosis/recommendations. Also, I am very well-versed in my insurance plan so I have never received unwarranted charges. The key is to know your plan very well and not have the expectation that the clinics will understand it better than you.

-JJ Zhimu

Dr Khuu is one of the best dermatologists I have ever been to. I have struggled with oily skin my entire life. Coming from Kaiser back to a PPO insurance I needed to find some one that could help keep my rather difficult skin clear. So far I am impressed. His office was extremely flexible even when I had to rescheduled last min, still fitting me in that day. He is straight forward and no nonsense. I was offered options based on cost and what my insurance would cover. The person who left one star is ridiculous. Look me up on social media to verify directly with me my experience. JJZhimu

-Helen Roy

I've been to several dermatology and plastic surgery offices. Dr. Duke Khuu is by far the best. Very caring, doesn't judge, and takes his time explaining and answering questions. He doesn't rush out of the room. He's very gentle too; I didn't feel the needle on my face and his fees are reasonable. High Five and Five Stars!!!!

-Brad Willems

I have no complaints. He didn't start process until insurance was confirmed but once confirmed it wasn't a problem. He has accepted me for my appt. when I was a litttle late once without complaint. He effectively navigated the process of getting procedures approved by insurance (which can be difficult if viewed as cosmetic). He does more than one thing per appt. reducing copays and trips to the doctor.

-Dusty B.
Manhattan, NY


Great experience as usual. Dr. Khuu has been a godsend on several occasions and has a great personality.

-Deepa S.
Cambrian Park, San Jose, CA

Very good doctor for my sons forehead scar which has disappeared with his treatment . Very gentle with kids .

-Gurleen Deol
4 months ago

i took my daughter to this place and must say an absolute wonderful experience. staff was very helpful and professional and doctor himself was very comforting w patient and detailed abt at is going on.

-Duy Tran
a year ago

I believe that Dr. Khuu is the best in the area. I have been to different clinics, and the experience here is far better than anywhere else. He gave me a lot of advice and various methods to treat my skin. Their assistants are skillful, beautiful, and handsome, which gave me a comfortable experience during my treatment. I have completed the whole treatment and the result are far better than I expected. This is a place to go if you are seriously want to improve your skin and facial.

-Nicole Maguire

Best dermatologist I’ve ever been to. Took my concerns seriously and made sure I’m comfortable every step of the way. Cannot recommend Dr. Khuu enough. I came in with skin cancer concerns and he not only looked at every spot but gave me a full skin exam. He spent a lot of time with me explaining what was happening and the next steps.

-Anh Le


-Daniel d (There)

5 Stars

-Evgenii Mityagin

5 Stars