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Dr Khuu has great bedside manner and skills. He explained everything thoroughly and listens to what you want to achieve.

- Verified Patient

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


Very busy office, but was seen quickly and his receptionist and staff are extremely efficient and well organized. Extremely pleased.

- Russell R.
  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

The appointment was quick and thorough. I got prescriptions for all my skin concerns and a ton of recommendations for preventative care with coupons.

- Grace B.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


Dr. Khuu is unbelievable. He is one of the best at Botox and other cosmetic issues. He is not cheap, but you get what you pay for with his talent.

- Thomas H.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


Dr. Khuu is great, very professional, exceedingly efficient. The office is beautiful, clean, and well run. Overall, this office gets me exactly what I need every time, in-and-out, very straightforward. I plan on continuing to come to Dr. Khuu for all my dermatology needs.

- Deborah L.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

He was excellent!

- Omar J.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


Dr. Khuu is great. Very efficient, knowledgable, and candid.

- Deborah L.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

Wonderful, efficient, and friendly doctor and staff. Never a wait for your appointment. Excellent care and follow-up, makes you feel like family.

- Margaret G.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


As a new patient I was impressed with with both his professionalism as well as his ability to address my needs effectively during my first visit.

- John B.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


Professional, great personality. Highly skilled. His staff made me feel at ease and they made an emergent appointment for me. I am very appreciative.

- Michael H.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


I showed up early. Got in early. Whole thing took about 15 minutes. Great experience.

- Bryan C.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

I've been to several dermatology and plastic surgery offices. Dr. Duke Khuu is by far the best. Very caring, doesn't judge, and takes his time explaining and answering questions. He doesn't rush out of the room. He's very gentle too; I didn't feel the needle on my face and his fees are reasonable. High Five and Five Stars!!!!Type your paragraph here.

- Helen R.

  5/5 stars on Google


Office clean and staff friendly Dr. Khuu was friendly and understanding.

- Anamaria B.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


He's a genius in cosmetic dermatology, and he's extremely diligent in his medical dermatology practices as well. I've been coming to Dr. Khuu for years and have always left healthier and happier than when I arrived.

- Verified Patient

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


Dr. Khuu didn't spend much time with me -- but I came to see him for a specific reason, and he handled it great aplomb. He provided detailed instructions for care and follow-up -- all within about seven minutes. And that seven minutes was less than the time I waited in his office to see him (or rather, be called in by his assistant who performed the preliminary screening and intake -- probably ten minutes). Fast, efficient, took the time he needed, and then he was off to his next patient. Thank you, Dr. Khuu!

- Nathan V.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

Excellent! Love Dr. Khuu and all of his staff. Always running on time too. Delighted I found him, I am very satisfied with my treatments.

- Margaret G.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


Staff was very professional! Great service and quick! Best thing is they are open on Saturday!!! Also, they provide refreshments in the waiting room with samples!

- Ariah N.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


Expedient service, always on time. The doctor and his staff are sweet and kind.

Quality service: I was 100% numb before the procedure started, not almost numb.

The doctor and the staff we are able to fit me in under a tight deadline and I absolutely appreciate their willingness to work with my schedule as well as still provide great service.

- Andrea N. from New Orleans, LA
  5/5 stars on Yelp


Loved everyone I met, from doctor level to check in assistant. I am looking forward to having Dr Khuu as my doctor going forward.

- Margaret G.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

Really good, I had this issue for several weeks that I thought was muscular but it was related to the skin, and right away he diagnosed me and sent me the proper medication!

- Verified Patient

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

Dr. Khuu was very professional and knowledgeable. I am will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He is an excellent doctor.

- Gwen L.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

Like others have said, Dr. Khuu is very quick, which in my personal taste was a good thing. He's efficient and thorough, and the office was professional and my appointment was on time.

- Kevin V.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


Great visit. Very knowledgeable, and removed 2 sketchy-looking moles in like 15 minutes. Excellent dermatologist!

- Verified Patient

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


He was very helpful and knew what I needed right away. He was also very sweet.

- Darlene D.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


Dr Khuu was very friendly and efficient in his approach, which I appreciate.

- Dorit H.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc