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Dr. Khuu is through & gives detailed information on my condition & treatment.

- Verified Patient

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

Dr. Duke Khuu was extremely friendly and also very thorough with my skin exam. He immediately recognized the problem and explained it to me in simple terms. He suggested a couple of different options for treatment and did not force me into any of them. The rest of the staff in the office was also very friendly and helpful.

- Nivedita A.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

When I first visited Dr. Khuu's office, I was pleasantly surprised at what I found.  I expected a status quo dermatologist who would offer me a cream or two and possibly a procedure.  What I found was a first-rate diagnostician and skin care expert who is a master in his area of medicine.  Dr. Khuu is very professional and has a warm and caring personality.  He was not only pin-point accurate in diagnosing my various skin issues, but he also offered me some injectable skin rejuvenating options that would help me turn back time, giving me a more youthful appearance without surgery.  I was seeking solutions and am amazed at the results.

For all the Yelpers out there, this review is for you.  You won't find a better dermatologist than Dr. Khuu.  Yes, his offices are beautiful, his staff is professional and friendly, and he is a doctor with great personal style.  These are all great qualities in my book.  But the best part of all goes beyond the surface.  It is in the level of care you will receive.  If you are looking for a superior doctor of dermatology, look no further. Dr. Khuu is a cut above the rest. By far, the best of the best.

- Deborah N. from San Jose, CA
  5/5 stars on Yelp


Dr. Khuu was very efficient, yet thorough in my exam. I left confident that I received quality care with proper diagnosis and treatment. I recommend Dr. Khuu for anyone in need of a dermatologist.

- Steven E.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

Dr. Khuu knows what he's doing, very knowledgeable doctor. He saved my life. I have kaiser but I pay out of pocket to see him, but it's worth it . He's truly the best and I've been to many different dermatologist.

Dr. Khuu has been honest with all the work he has done for me, I would recommend him to my friends also i pay out of pocket and his prices are reasonable. It's sad to see that not everyone may agree but if you can afford him you would be happy. A big thanks to Dr. Khuu.

- Judy L. from Tracy, CA
  5/5 stars on Yelp


Although my time with Dr. Khuu was brief, he made me feel comfortable and confident in his ability to get to the bottom of my skin problems. His office is clean and comfortable, and his support staff is friendly and helpful! I will definitely be back!

- Jennie H.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

Khuu Dermatology is the most UNIQUE Doctors office i have ever experienced.

UNIQUE , in the stylish decor which gives the first impression of a Welcoming and Relaxing ambience .

UNIQUE ,in the Professional ,Polite and Attentive Staff which is a direct reflection of Dr. Duke Khuu.

In addition to these aspects ,Dr Khuu is a skilled Dermatologist whose knowledge and innate ability to have a focused perception of his patients individual treatment needs produces positive outcomes. Khuu Dermatology UNIQUELY redefines what other Medical Practices Should STRIVE Be.

- Natalia K.

Professional and Knowledgeable doctor. Staff assistance was very nice, I would highly recommend to this doctor.

- Dao D.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


Awesome doctor, took time to talk to young patients, made the visit feel very comfortable and no worries.

- Catherine N.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


Very professional and through. I arrived a little early and he saw me immediately. Both the doctor and his staff were great.

- Louis E.
  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

Professional compassionate.

- Raananah K.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

He was nice with my children. They all made us feel welcome.

- Scarlett M.

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- Verified Patient

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

The office is very nice and modern looking. The staff in the front office was extremely helpful in trying to get me the best appointment time. Even called me back to try and accommodate the best time for me since I had to get a babysitter for my appointment time. The doctor visit was very nice and straight to the point which I appreciated. I highly recommend.

- Veronica R.
  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

We are satisfied with our consultation. We'll be back again.

- Verified Patient

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


This was the best doctors visit I've ever had.

- Tejash S.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

I just got a facial at Khuu Dermatology, and Marc did an amazing job! I am very happy with my skin and Marc always does a great job explaining things to me and making my skin look and feel great. Can't wait for my next facial!

- Sareesha M. from Mountain View, CA
  5/5 stars on Yelp


Very well organized, from entry to exit. Dr Khuu appears to be very knowledgeable in his specialties, professional and explain things to the point. Prescription is sent directly to my pharmacy, so I can just go there to pick it up.

- Kiem N.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

Extremely good. He really knows his stuff.

- Kim H.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


Dr. Khuu took his time and listened to my concerns. He was very patient and explained the tests he was going to have me take for my hives. I did not feel rushed and he answered all my questions before I left. Overall, I left with a very satisfied experience.

- Verified Patient

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

Dr. Khuu is very professional and trustful!

- Verified Patient

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


Dr. Khuu gave me practical tips to treat my skin problem. He listened to my concerns and catered my treatment plan to my specific lifestyle (I'm a breastfeeding mom). He was also very informative and discussed other health problems that are associated with my condition, which will help overall health. His assistants/nurses were also very personable and friendly and made my appointment even better.

- Janelle C.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


I first saw Dr. Khuu to remove a growth from my nose...he did an excellent job and I've also had my family see him for various skin ailments. He is very thorough and explains everything!

- Arlene I.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


Wow, lots of negative reviews on here. I personally got the Groupon so I couldn't get overcharged. I went for laser on my underarms, and the lady who did them was really good about giving me the best results. She would crank it up and although it hurt like a mofo, I have no hair and it's awesome! I've tried about 4 other laser places, and I haven't had the same results as the one from here.

- Pomegranate T. from Mountain View, CA
  5/5 stars on Yelp


He's very outgoing, warm and upbeat! Just what the, er, doctor ordered! :)

- Verified Patient

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

My five-year-old daughter was seen here for an eczema spot she's had under her eye since she was two. We've been to six other doctors over the last four years who were unable to fix or even improve the eczema at all. Dr. Khuu got rid of it in 6 weeks!  I couldn't be happier with him!! We were beginning to believe this was a problem that was incurable.

I felt like he really knew what he was talking about, he listened to me and let me explain everything we had already tried so we didn't waste any time retrying things I already knew didn't work, and he was took pictures of her skin and tracked the progress so he knew exactly how things were going when we came in for follow up appointments.

We had 3 appointments with him and had the same experience every time- friendly staff, short wait times, quick appointment, and results. Absolutely a five-star experience.

- Aubrey C. from Orem, UT
  5/5 stars on Yelp


Very nice office and staff. Doctor was very professional and took time to answer any questions that I had.

- Michael H.

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc

Dr. Khuu is an excellent dermatologist and cares about his patients.

- Verified Patient

  5/5 stars on ZocDoc


My appointment was early in the afternoon and since this is my first time seeing Dr. Khuu, the office location was easy to find. Parking: got lucky as I was able to park on the side of the building no problem. Front desk: I arrived about 15min early of my appointment since I'm a new patient and since I already filled out my new patient ppwk, the front desk associate had my paperwork ready for me to sign. Her name is Lindy. Friendly and courteous. I got seen right away by the Physician's assistant who was very attentive, polite and listened to my skin issues. Thereafter, Dr. Khuu examined me and determined my needs, prescribed an ointment (immediately called in the prescription to my pharmacy) and scheduled me to have light therapy. He was very professional, honest and sincere about helping me understand my skin issues. I did not feel rushed nor was it a quick fix appointment. Dr. Khuu was very thorough with his assessment. I would definitely recommend Dr. Khuu to my family and friends.

- G. H. from San Jose, CA
  5/5 stars on Yelp


Dr. Khuu is hands down one of the best doctors that I have ever visited. After years of skin issues ( mostly mild acne) and countless treatments; he was the only doctor to actually diagnose my condition ( rosacea) and prescribe me the correct prescriptions. Within a matter of 3 months my face had entirely cleared up. I also had fillers and a few other treatments at the office. Dr. Khu is very skilled in knowing exactly how much to treat you with, while make sure that you still look natural. Not easy to find!! He is a brilliant doctor who knows how to make you more beautiful and feel more confident in yourself. I read through some of the complaints and disagree with most. People can't expect a quick fix with one treatment from the doctor. It doesn't work that way! Everyone at his office is friendly and their customer service is top notch. I cant say enough good things about this place!!

- Rachel A. from Washington, DC
  5/5 stars on Yelp


Very efficient, friendly, and professional. Virtually painless minor skin surgery. Worked with me to make a treatment based on my needs.

- Thad S.

  5/5 stars on Google

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