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GentleMax Pro Laser

As the world leader in light-based aesthetic technologies, Syneron-Candela continues to set the standard for innovation and performance. So it’s no surprise that GentleMax Pro, a integrated aesthetic platform, offers more power and versatility than any other multi-wavelength device. With GentleMax Pro at Khuu Dermatology, you get a single consolidated system that delivers an incredibly diverse range of treatments. 


Hair Removal
Beard Bumps (PFB)
Pigmented Lesions
Facial & Spider Veins
Leg Veins
Diffuse RednessBeard Bumps
Beard Hair Removal for Men
Beard Hair Removal for Women
Underarm Hair Removal
Bikini Hair Removal
Facial Hair Removal
Ear Hair Removal
Back Hair Removal
Chest and Abdominal Hair Removal
Leg Hair Removal
Lentigoes / Sun Spots / Skin Rejuvenation
Abdominal Skin Tightening

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Vbeam Perfecta Laser

Vbeam Perfecta Laser can do it all: from rejuvenation by correcting red and brown skin discoloration, to eliminating virtually all vascular and pigmented lesions. The Perfecta features advanced micro-pulse technology, multiple handpieces for treating various spot sizes, and our patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) cooling system, which all but eliminates patient downtime by preventing purpura, or bruising.


Skin Rejuvenation
Diffuse Redness
Pigmented Lesions
Facial and Leg Veins
Scars and Stretch Marks
Freckles, Sun and Age Spots
Port Wine Stain
Venous Lakes
PoikilodermaRosacea Redness
Acne Scars

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