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Khuu Dermatology offers a variety of cosmetic injectables and fillers. Click any of the following links to learn more about each one.

Wrinkle Treatments available at Khuu Dermatology:

We all age with time and Dr. Khuu will help rejuvenate and refresh your look and enhance your natural beauty. At Khuu Dermatology we have many options available to treat your facial lines and restore your youthful self.

Neuromodulator injectables available at Khuu Dermatology in Mountain View and San Jose offices: Dysport, Xeomin, Botox
These three products are similar but their unique properties will help relaxes your facial fine lines on the face. Dr. Khuu will decide the amount of product and where to put them on your skin. We perform treatments for the following areas on the body:

1. Glabella lines – the area between your eye brows, also known as the frown lines. Some people call it the number “11” lines.

2. Crow’s feet – the area on the lateral sides of your eyes. These lines are created when you laugh. A few lines are natural, but when we age they can be become redundant and aged our eyes.

3. Forehead lines – these are the lines that run horizontally or across the forehead as you raised your eyebrows. The lines can be diminished with a few injections of the products above.
4. Eyebrow lift – a small injection on the lateral eyebrow will help lift the lateral part of the eyebrow to help with some hooding of the upper eyelids and make our eyes look more awake.

5. Bunny lines – these are the lines on the sides of the nose when we trying to crunch up our nose.

6. Smoker lines – these are the lines around the lips. As we age these lines are more pronounced when we suck a straw or kissing a baby. We call them “smoker lines” because tobacco smokers have higher risks for getting these lines. A few injection will smooth out these lines.

7. Peau d’orange chin – these are the small dimples on the chin when we move our chin foreward. These dimples can become more pronounced when we age, sometimes you can count up to 30 to 50 dimples and that can take away the smoothness appearance of the face.

8. Gummy smile – some patients have their gum showed when they smile, Dr. Khuu can help relax the muscle that pull on the lips too much so that they can be relaxed and thus preventing the gummy lines appearance.

9. Marionette lines – these are drooping lines at the corner of the mouth, this happens because our DAO (depressor anguli oris) muscle pulls down on our lips, Dr. Khuu can inject a small amount of the product to relax this pull.

10. Square jaw reduction – 3 sessions will help reduce the bulk of the square jaw. Oval shaped face is the most cosmetically pleasing to our eyes. These few injections will soften the chewing muscles known as the masseter muscles and helps with debulking the square feature of the jaw, giving your face a more feminine and softer look.

11. Neck lines – the platysmal bands are the cords of muscles that appear when we strain our neck. These cords can sometimes extend from the jawline to the collar bones and makes our neck look old. There are also horizontal neck lines that can also be treated to minimize the appearance of the “ring” lines around the neck.

12. Cleavage lines – these are the fine lines between the breasts in ladies. As we age, these lines are prominent and start to extend upward towards the neck and wearing a V-neck shirt will show these lines. A few injections can minimize the appearance of these fine lines.

13. Excess sweating – also known as hyperhidrosis, Botox can be used for treatment of excess sweating on the hands, feet, and underarms. Some insurance does cover this procedure.