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Known as one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, Santorini is a cresent-shaped island filled with smaller, “smoking” islands with natural steam vents. The outskirts are full of gardens, vineyards, and colorful beaches. The Santorini Foaming Cleanser was developed to imitate the feeling of receiving a facial in the comfort of your own home. 

Foaming wash treatment that leaves the skin clean and gently exfoliated.  The cleanser has a combination of salicylic and glycolic acid to help lighten and brighten, giving your skin a mini-facial.  Green Tea was added to help protect the skin against dryness. The formula contains Triclosan for its antibacterial properties.  This cleanser can be used on all skin types.  Dr. Khuu can evaluate your skin and show you how to apply the cleanser.

Khuurino Clinical Skincare TM


The name “Pamukkale” means “Cotton Castle” in Turkish.  It is named after the stunning white limestone cliffs where waters from Turkey’s famous hot springs flow down into the valley below.  The Pamukkale area boasts a Roman bath which was once frequented by the beautiful Princess Cleopatra herself.  Dr. Khuu’s SPF 40 sunblock has a natural tint and a lightweight, creamy texture that creates a mattifying effect on all skin types. 

Ideal protection for all skin types it contains the highest quality ingredients.  Pamukkale Cleo SPF 40 Defense is an anti-oxidant sunscreen contains only Titanium and Zinc oxides in an elegant, anhydrous silicone elastomer vehicle that leaves a non-shiny, non-sticky mattifying film on the skin surface.  The mineral sunscreen minimizes the risk of contact allergy for patients with sensitive skin.  The silicone vehicle allows the daily oil production to float and minimizes pores from clogging so it can be used with acne prone skin.  

Pamukkale Cleo SPF 40 Defense is an ideal daily facial photoprotection for patients with combination-to-oily complexions.  Not only does the formula is 100% fragrance-free and preservative free formula, and loaded with microencapsulated anti-oxidants such as Melanin, vit C, vit E, and Ferulic acid, it can be worn daily and can be used as a treatment combination.  The anti-oxidants gives the added benefit of anti-aging by taking up free radicals created by the harmful ultraviolet rays.  The mattifying effect of this ultimate sunscreen would blend your skin blemishes (great for post-laser treatments) and eliminates the needs of using a foundation, leaving your skin looking more natural, you will look forward to using it everyday. ​


As one of the most referenced deities in Greek mythology, Poseidon ruled his ocean domain from his elaborate palace underwater. He was also depicted having long flowing hair and a full, healthy beard. Using Dr. Khuu's Poseidon Vigor Hair solution will contribute to natural hair growth that will rival Poseidon's iconic flowing locks. This is accomplished through a solution that includes tretinoin, minoxidil, dutasteride, testosterone, and progesterone. This leads to a more robust formulation than over-the-counter solutions such as Rogaine. *Patients must first have a consultation with Khuu Dermatology before purchasing.


Delphi, known in Greek mythology as the site of Delphic Oracle, is the major site of worship for the god Apollo after he slew Python, a dragon who protected the earth.  The sanctuary later hosted the Pythian Games, which were the precursors for the modern-day Olympics.  The caffeine and green tea content of Dr. Khuu's Elixir reduces the appearance of puffiness under the eyes and prevents it from coming back.


​The Cappadocians once completely occupied the region in between Mt. Taurus through the Black Sea of Euxine back in the Greek city-state era, but they have since been divided into different provinces. The main inland province was then on referred to as “Cappadocia.” Cappadocia is covered in volcanic peaks and is infamous for its hot, dry summers. 

Dr. Khuu developed this silky, elegant silicone gel to be used for a more enhanced treatment mature or sensitive acne-prone skin.  The complexion corrector, composed of microencapsulated retinol and salicylic acid, suspends excess oil and leaves a mattifying film on the skin’s surface.  It is a less drying alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide.


​​The Greek island Paros is celebrated for its quarries in which beautiful marble stone is found. The historic structures of Paros were mostly constructed with this marble, giving the island's architecture an undeniable smooth texture. Experience the tranquil serenity of Paros with the Paros Calming Cream, an all-purpose moisturizer for all skin types. Our formulation is based on aloe vera and has no additives or fragrance.


                                                            90 tablets $220

Poseidon's power of the sea was passed on to his son, Triton. Triton was able to control the tumultuous ocean waves by blowing through his unique conch shell. Take control of your hair with our specially formulated Triton Divinity Hair Tablets. *Patients must first have a consultation with Khuu Dermatology before purchasing.


​​Alexandra Lisowska, also known as Roxelana, was born in Poland and captured by the Crimean Tartars, before being forced into the slave trade.  She quickly captured the interest of her master, Suleyman, the tenth Emperor/Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.  Breaking tradition, she was freed from slavery and eventually married him.  From then on, she expressed her political ambitions and was greatly involved in charitable productions.  The Roxelana Dark Circle Reducer is composed of a carefully crafted mix of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, phytonadione, urea, and vitamin E acetate, and it reduces the appearance of darkness under the eyes. 


The story of the Greek princess Danae, daughter of King Acrisius, exemplifies the omnipotent will of the Greek gods. When King Acrisius learned the prophecy that he will be killed by his daughter's future son, he imprisoned her underground in a bronze chamber. Nevertheless, Zeus, in the form of falling rain, was able enter her chamber and impregnate her. Perseus was born and ultimately ends up fulfilling the prophecy after he throws a discus and accidentally strikes King Acrisius in the head.

Our Danae Deity estradiol solution helps promote healthy strong hair growth that allows women to experience the unwavering femininity reflected by Princess Danae. The unique formulation containing estrogen and progesterone stimulates hair growth and does not promote facial hair growth (which is a risk when using over-the-counter products such as Rogaine). *Patients must first have a consultation with Khuu Dermatology before purchasing.

Khuurino Clinical TM skincare line is inspired by the mystique of Greece and Turkey culture and history.  Khuurino Clinicial TM skincare is available exclusively at Khuu Dermatology.  Each unique formula is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.  Dr. Khuu can tailor a personalized regimen for your skin type and daily needs.

Khuurino Clinical TM is recommended because of the quality of ingredients used.  Many over the counter products have fillers, which decrease the potency of the final product.  Khuurino Clinical TM proudly boasts only the finest ingredients.