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Our Reviews from 2010-2011


Very professional and friendly staff and doctor.  I went in for laser hair removal and the doctor was able to see me for another dermatology issue at the same time.  He had a cost effective and quick solution and was able to treat me immediately.  Great Service!

- Susan M. from Redwood City, CA

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WOW. In my endless quest for a reasonably priced, EFFECTIVE and pleasant facial, I happened to finally score at Dr Khuu's dermatology office in Mountain View. My savior? Ashley. I have been twice so far for two different treatments with Ashley and both have delivered and exceeded what was promised. Ashley performed a light chem. peel and took the time to assess my skin and THEN recommended products. Usually, it's reverse...product pushing rather than real, medical advice and treatment. I was so thrilled with the results of both the peel and accompanying results of the at home treatment, I booked a clarifying facial for the next week- Ashley is no joke...she performed extractions, zapped zits, exfoliated and soothed! I've struggled with acne for over ten years and had resigned myself to just dealing with it.  Being the broke student I am, clicked up a deal on Groupon for Dr Khuu and met my skin savior! Check this lady out but book ahead, she only saves skin on Tuesdays!

- Erah J. from San Francisco, CA
  5/5 stars on Yelp 


I was originally unhappy about having to pay a high out of pocket amount for my visits to Dr. Khuu, but Nicole in the office personally reached out to work it out with me. She is very friendly and obviously this office is concerned about patient satisfaction.

- Alexis A. from Mountain View, CA
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Dr Khuu is amazing.  My daughter lost ALL the hair on her body in less than a month.   Devasting..... We were sure it would not grow back.  Dr Khuu told us she had a chance with treatment.  After 12 weeks of treatment, fuzz began to show on top of her head.  Dr Khuu is a kind gentleman who is dedicated to his patients.   Due to a family issue, we were 45 mins late for an appointment .  Instead of rescheduling the appointment Dr Khuu gave up his lunch hour to see my daughter.  I cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr Khuu.  His office is beautiful and the staff is friendly and helpful. As an added bonus Dr Khuu has a great sense of humor.

- Diana B. from Fremont, CA
  5/5 stars on Yelp