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Dr. Duke Khuu bases his success on our patients' long-term good skin health.  

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We offer monthly cosmetic seminar on our Day of Beauty for those who are curious about lasers, injectibles, fillers, microneedling with PRP, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and skincare.  Read More

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I had sun and age spots on my face that was making me look tired and 10 years older. Makeup just made my face look dirty. I had tried over-the-counter remedies for years and nothing worked. I saved money to have a laser treatment done for my birthday ($5000) but when I went to see Dr. Khuu, he suggested a face care routine that did not include laser. I started to protest, stating that I had tried so many products and just wanted it taken care of once and for all. In his no-nonsense way, he convinced me. There was no, "try this and we'll see how it works or we can do this" He just knew what the right solution was for me and he was right. He told me it would take 8 weeks and wanted to see me 6 weeks into it. At one week I started to see the difference at two I was sold. By the time I saw him at 6 weeks I was singing his praises and I definitely looked much brighter, awake and younger. My before-and-after pictures should be in a success magazine somewhere. My teenage daughter now sees him and she has had the same experience. You're in, you're out with no wishy-washy advice, and the plan he lays out for you really works. My husband is next. Will he be able to help someone who still has acne at 43? This will be a big test.  

- Maria, Sunnyvale CA

The first time I met Dr. Khuu was for a cancer screening. After that visit, I have come for skin care and anti-aging remedies. He was so pleasant and easy to talk to about my needs and wants.  People say I don't look my 62 years and I thank Dr. Khuu for that. Best of all without surgery.

- Bonnie, Pleasanton CA

New patients receive an initial consult with our head dermatologist to establish a personalized care plan, for either medical or cosmetic services.

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